Aqsis Renderer Freedom to Dream

Using the Aqsis Tool Suite

The aqsis tool suite consists of a collection of command line and graphical tools. Final images are created from input scene description files, shaders and textures by the renderer, aqsis. The other tools are used for manipulating the input data to aqsis: Shader programs describing surface properties and microgeometry should be compiled using the shader compiler, aqsl. The texture optimizer teqser needs to be used for preprocessing image files before they are used in a scene. miqser is a tool for for formatting and verifying scene descriptions in the form of RIB streams. The small program aqsltell may be used to inspect compiled shader files for information about the shader arguments.

There are two graphical tools, piqsl and eqsl. piqsl is the default framebuffer device, used to interactively display the scene as it is rendered, or as stand-alone image viewer. eqsl is a graphical interface aimed at making the command line tools a little more friendly, especially to the casual user.