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Details of the various formal and community support options available to aqsis users.

Community Web/IRC

Aqsis is a volunteer project, and the software comes without warranty or formal support. However, you will mostly find interested people available if you need help. There are forums at where you can post questions, and there are usually developers hanging out in the #aqsis IRC channel on

If you feel that something is missing from this documentation or from the tutorials and examples, please let us know. Although the documentation is often lagging behind the software development somewhat, it is our intention that it should be kept reasonably complete and correct. Aqsis is meant to be useful.

Troubleshooting (FAQ)

Problem Suggested Solutions
Aqsis not found on the command line Aqsis is not on your PATH, see your OS documentation for how to add Aqsis’ //bin// folder to your PATH
ERROR: Shader “???” not found Either Aqsis is not correctly configured to find your shader, or the shader doesn’t exist. See the configuration section for more details about configuring Aqsis to find shaders.

FIXME This table needs fleshing out, if anyone has any ideas for entries, feel free to add them.

Reporting Bugs

Like any large program, aqsis has its fair share of bugs. However, the developers can’t fix these problems unless users let us know about them; doing so is one very useful manner in which users can give back to the aqsis community.

Before reporting any bugs, we would really appreciate it if you would read Simon Tatham’s excellent guide to effective bug reporting at - this is a short, easy-to-read essay and developers everywhere (not just us) will thank you for it. Having done so, please follow these steps:

  • Go to the Aqsis bug list:
  • See if there are any existing bug reports that match yours. If there are, you can add comments or additional samples to the existing bug reports if you feel that it may be helpful.
  • If no existing bugs seem to match your problem, please submit a new bug. The best way to file a bug report that will get noticed is to include a RIB file that manifests the problem you’re reporting.

If you want to discuss the bug in more detail, feel free to also post to the aqsis bugs forum on the website, with a link to the associated sourceforge bug tracker item.