Open source 3D rendering solution adhering to the RenderMan standard

Release 1.8 Phase1

Phase1We are now officially in phase 1 of the release process for 1.8. this means the features are confirmed for release, as detailed after the break, and there is a 3-4 week period during which these features will be complete (functionally).

Interactive Rendering with the aqsis-2.0 Core

Chris has been busy working on the core refactor for Aqsis 2.0, as the latest blog entry shows. Follow the link for more detail.

Blog Post

Would You Like Spam With That?

We've been experiencing a lot of spam recently, resulting in many accounts now being disabled/deleted.  If your account has been accidentally affected please reply to this post and state your username (original), or visit our IRC channel.

Migration to BSD licensing

We're happy to announce a change from the GPL to the more permissive BSD license.  Parts of the code in the latest development version have already been migrated, with more to come.

Updated Debian & Ubuntu Packages

The Aqsis 1.7.0 (bleeding-edge) packages for Debian and Ubuntu have now been updated, with the latter now available through Launchpad.

Due to revised package naming we recommend uninstalling your current version and installing Aqsis again.