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Aqsis 1.8.0 Released

Aqsis 1.8.0 Its been a while but Aqsis 1.8.0 is now finally available for download!

The official press release is attached, feel free to use this in any public announcements.


Point-based Global Illumination Image

This is the accumulative effort of many developers and community members around the world, resulting in an even more competitive solution.

Global illumination and software integration have been the primary focus for this release, with improvements including:

  • Point-based global illumination, providing "bake3d()", "indirectdiffuse()", "occlusion()" and "texture3d()" shadeop support.
  • Partio library integration, providing Houdini, Maya and PRMan compatible pointcloud support.
  • New pointcloud viewer application (ptview).
  • Qt library integration, providing native 64-bit support on all recommended platforms.
  • BSD licensing for all new code.

In addition, key feature enhancements have been made with improvements including:

  • Memory optimisations.
  • PNG read/write support.
  • Updated SLO interface, matching other renderer APIs.
  • Improved RIB parser, including precise syntax error reporting.
  • Reinstate command line support for frame selection using "-frames" and "-framelist".
  • MinGW support.

Further information regarding the changes in this release can be found within the release notes distributed with the software.