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Aqsis Renderer README

Aqsis is a high quality, photorealistic, 3D rendering solution. It complies with the RenderMan(R) interface standard defined by Pixar.

The RenderMan(R) standard has been used in film and television visual effects since it's introduction in 1989. Pixar has used their own implementation for all of their award winning CG features, and provided their implementation for use in the visual effects of most major blockbuster films over the last 2 decades. The Aqsis project offers a way for individuals and organisations alike to gain experience with the RenderMan(R) interface without the cost of commercial software licenses.

Aqsis comprises a command line rendering tool, a tool for compiling shaders in the RSL language, a tool for preparing textures for optimal use, and various developer libraries to enable integration with third party tools.

For more information, visit to the aqsis website:


The documentation may be accessed online at the aqsis wiki:

Brief list of tools

  • Binary command line tools and graphical interfaces: aqsis - the renderer aqsl - the shader compiler aqsltell - the shader inspection tool eqsl - the toolsuite user interface teqser - the texture pre-processor miqser - the RIB processor piqsl - the advanced framebuffer

  • Scripts: - Analysis tool for micropolygon dump format (see scripts directory). Note that mpanalyse requires CGKit and pyOpenGL as extra dependencies.


Aqsis is licensed under the GNU GPL. See the COPYING file for details. libri2rib is licensed under the GNU LGPL. See the rib/ri2rib/COPYING_LGPL file for details.


Aqsis was originally written by Paul Gregory for use under Win32. See the AUTHORS file for subsequent contributors.


See the INSTALL file for installation instructions.


The following libraries form part of the Aqsis solution, the copyright for these libraries lies with the respective owners.

Boost - Qt - JPEG - libpng - LibTIFF - OpenEXR - zlib - Partio -

Happy Rendering!

  • Aqsis Team

This software is OSI Certified Open Source Software. OSI Certified is a certification mark of the Open Source Initiative.